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This is a mirror of the website taken on 2021-04-28 (UTC time) using HTTrack.

To quote about.html, "Most of the material on here concerns things that are important to me, and perhaps might be interesting to you. I find that many of the things that I believe are important, and that I treasure, were made or were popular during the glorious first decade of the new millennium, the 2000s. It is my little space on the Web to discuss, reminisce, and honor those things which have had a profound influence upon me, an escape from the largely disappointing decade of the 2010s. Nostalgia runs strong here."

"I do not intend to change the design or layout of this site; I intend to keep it simple design-wise, like an early 1990s Web page, partly to keep it extremely lightweight (Web page bloat is a cancer), partly to keep it compatible with as many old browsers as possible (I use HTML 4.01 and only a bit of very quick and basic inline CSS here and there; HTML5 is a meme), and partly because I am a rather uncreative fellow who has never bothered to learn any image editing software and who uses Microsoft Paint for everything. You should be able to view this site in any browser, but I am a staunch Microsoft loyalist and have only ever tested it in Internet Explorer, which you should be using if you aren't already doing so."

Disclaimer Regarding This Project

Just because I have mirrored a project by another person, this does not mean in anyway, shape, or form that I agree or support the views of this project or even the person who made it, I have simply mirrored it for historical reasons as I have an interest in digital preservation. Over the years I have taken the time in archiving many items, many of witch can be seen on my Internet Archive user page. Following this, just because I have mirrored a project, this also does not mean that the author endorses me or my work.

If you are reading this and are wondering why exactly that this disclaimer is inside of this project, it is simply here as a blanket way for getting out of trouble if myself or the project owner gets into hot water in some way, just in case. This is a standard text that is in all of my GitHub and ([NotABug] mirrors and does not automatically mean that the project owner is a bad person or to be untrusted.

You are welcome to delete this file, as it will not effect the main part of the project in anyway.

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