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  12. <a href="index-2.html">Kratzen</a><br />
  13. <span id="subheader">Proudly presents…</span>
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  19. <summary>Vital info:</summary>
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  21. <b>Email:</b> froghand@protonmail.ch<br />
  22. <b>Host:</b> <a href="https://neocities.org/site/kratzen">Neocities</a><br />
  23. <b>Itch.io:</b> <a href="https://froge.itch.io/">https://froge.itch.io/</a><br />
  24. <b>Creator:</b> Froge, bisexual furry nerd from Canada —<br />
  25. Did <a href="https://10kb.neocities.org/">10kB</a>, <a href="https://degenerates.neocities.org/">Degenerates</a>, and <a href="https://froghand.neocities.org/">Froghand</a>.<br />
  26. <b>Started:</b> <time datetime="2017-04-01">2017 – 04 – 01</time>
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  30. <h2 id="s01"><a href="#s01">Summary</a></h2>
  31. <p id="p01">If Kratzen saves you six hours you can’t afford to spend, we’ve done our job.</p>
  32. <p id="p02">We do reviews of itch.io games and other hidden gems. Because we’re so cheap, we only do free games, like the best things in life. What we talk about, simply, is if a game is worth <em>playing.</em> Devs hate us, players love us.</p>
  33. <p id="p03">We update every day; there are a lot of games, and we show you the ones worth showing. A good game is one that you don’t regret playing. A bad one makes you wonder why you did. We give you the wheat, and punish the chaff.</p>
  34. <p id="p04">Five stars is great. One star is bad, unless you’re into bad. Everything inbetween is all up to you, which is why our reviews help you decide. The worst thing a game can do is waste your time. Same goes for us — so we don’t.</p>
  35. <p id="p05">We’re honest because we’re cheap. We don’t owe a thing to what we review, no matter how cruel we seem. In fact, we’re so cheap we’re <a href="copying.html">giving the site away to you</a>. You can plagarise us and we won’t do a thing to stop you.</p>
  36. <p id="p06">So if you’re the type of guy, gal, or enbyfriend looking to know if a game’s worth your time, come to us first. We’re short enough to read on the can, and long enough to tell you about these brave new worlds. All digital, of course.</p>
  37. <p id="p07">Not to mention, we’re a pretty small magazine. That means we try harder.</p>
  38. <p id="p08">With love and respect — <b>Froge.</b></p>
  39. <p id="p09">Oh, and you’ll want to check out the <a href="articles/2017-04/kratzen-manifesto.html">Krazen Manifesto</a> and “<a href="articles/2017-07/what-doth-stars-mean.html">What Doth Stars Mean?</a>”.</p>
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  47. <p><a href="copying.html">Public domain website</a>. A <a href="https://degenerates.neocities.org/">Degenerate Project</a>. View with <a href="https://sourceforge.net/projects/linuxlibertine/">Linux Libertine</a>.</p>
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