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  13. <p id=t><b>Runescape Reviews</b></p>
  14. <p id=st>We're going big on this MUD</p>
  15. <p id=s>Runescape is an old game being played by a new froge.</p>
  16. <p id=g><b>The reviews:</b></p>
  17. <p id=s><a href="01.html">Intro 01</a> - Froge succs the nostalgia soup, introduces format.</p>
  18. <p id=s><a href="02.html">Intro 02</a> - Setting up the thing was Hell in Heck.</p>
  19. <p id=bf>Thanks, Froppy - <a href="../index.html">Froghand</a>.</p>
  20. <p id=f>Today's page was updated on 2016-11-30 and created on 2016-10-26!</p>
  21. <p id=f>Advantages of friends: they know when you're dead, and they recommend you games.</p>
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