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  13. <p id=t><b>Froghand packing up</b></p>
  14. <p id=st><img src="globalisationisthecure/flagfroge.png" title="Glory to the alleged Froge!" alt="Some asshole frog in front of a verticle tricolour of yellow, green, and blue, titled Froge." style="width:440px;height:160px;"></p>
  15. <p id=st>Thank you, and Froge bless the Degeneracy.</p>
  16. <p id=s>Working on Froghand has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I made myself an identity where people care about me. I made my thoughts known in a way that nobody else has. I earned fans and friends wide and true, and made Neocities my proud place of business. There are few other ways I would have spent the past eight months of my life working on, and given the choice, I don't believe I could think of anything else that would bring me such benefit in mind, body, and spirit.</p>
  17. <p id=s>But now I'm gone for less green pastures, and though my froggy spirit remains, it remains in a different way. I am branching out and creating brand new projects, and most importantly, I'm not doing it alone. I'm making <a href="">The Degenerates</a> now, an artist's collective whose biggest goal is to made work the world needs most - with honour, respect, and grace. Though by the time this post is published I will be the only Degenerate, I assure you... I am a patient man. Degeneracy is in the hearts of the best artists in the world. They only need to find it.</p>
  18. <p id=s>You will find my flagship project, <a href="">The 10kb Art Gallery</a>, under this banner, and where you may contact me now. And maybe if you're reading this, I'll have found a new flagship project. That's okay. That's just progress. That won't mean I'm dead though. I'll always have Neocities, I'll always have an e-mail, and you can always just shoot me up and lay my dead ass on the ground to laugh at like the filthy nerd I am. But remember: the more things change, the more they stay the same. The work I've done here for you? It'll always be here for you.</p>
  19. <p id=s>Be sure to check out the <a href="">Degenerates</a> and <a href="">10kB</a> Neocities pages. Of course, <a href="">mine is dead</a>. See you!</p>
  20. <p id=g><b>All the Posts:</b></p>
  21. <p id=g>February 02:</p>
  22. <p id=s>The final posts made on Froghand: <a href="blogleadup.html">The Blog Leadup</a>.</p>
  23. <p id=g>From the end of days:</p>
  24. <p id=s>The <a href="buafy.html">Big Ups & Fuck Yous</a> Archive (<a href="buafy/2016-12.html">December link</a>).</p>
  25. <p id=g>October 26 to Never:</p>
  26. <p id=s>The <a href="runescape/index.html">Runescape Reviews</a>.</p>
  27. <p id=g><b>The Reviews and Culture Indexes:</b></p>
  28. <p id=g>January 05:</p>
  29. <p id=s>Fucking Hell it's a simple question: <a href="nintendohate.html">Why does Nintendo hate its audience</a>?</p>
  30. <p id=g>December 26-30:</p>
  31. <p id=s>Public domain! One artist, over 9000 hours! Anime! <a href="sitasingstheblues.html">Sita Sings the Blues Review</a>!</p>
  32. <p id=g>December 14-22:</p>
  33. <p id=s>Eight thousand words about a meme game: <a href="thespongebobsquarepantsthemoviethegamethereview.html">The Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie: The Game: The Review</a>.</p>
  34. <p id=g>December 11-12:</p>
  35. <p id=s>Do you ever wonder why people watch bad things? Read <a href="qualityandthenow.html">Quality and the Now</a>.</p>
  36. <p id=g>December 10:</p>
  37. <p id=s>The most fantastic thing I have ever laid eyes on: <a href="presidentberries.html">Review of an Untitled Masterpiece</a>.</p>
  38. <p id=g>December 03-07:</p>
  39. <p id=s>The land of the unexpected feels: <a href="vaporwavegames.html">Shitty Vaporwave Indie Game Reviews</a>.</p>
  40. <p id=g>November 27-29:</p>
  41. <p id=s>Hey, kids! Learn to avoid being a lazy pile of ass: <a href="10xrule.html">The 10X Rule Review</a>.</p>
  42. <p id=g>November 18-23:</p>
  43. <p id=s>This article got the developer to read my blog: <a href="beginnersguide.html">The Beginner's Guide Review</a>.</p>
  44. <p id=g>November 17:</p>
  45. <p id=s>There is little incentive to make good games: <a href="gamingdispassion.html">Dispassion in the Gaming Scene</a>.</p>
  46. <p id=g>October 27 to November 14:</p>
  47. <p id=s>A brief epic about life, the arts, and greatness: <a href="writersguide.html">The Froge Guide to Writing</a>.</p>
  48. <p id=g>October 20-24:</p>
  49. <p id=s>Very good points about things I'll never buy: <a href="nintendoswitch.html">Nintendo Switch and Other Such Shit</a>.</p>
  50. <p id=g>October 09-15:</p>
  51. <p id=s>Reviews cut short due to everybody getting drunk: <a href="lisa/index.html">LISA Reviews</a>.</p>
  52. <p id=g>October 06-08:</p>
  53. <p id=s>Learn to live, not to exist: <a href="24hoursaday.html">How to Live on 24 Hours a Day Review</a>.</p>
  54. <p id=g>October 05:</p>
  55. <p id=s>An ass blast from the p(ass)t: <a href="picross3d.html">Picross 3D Review</a>.</p>
  56. <p id=g>October 04:</p>
  57. <p id=s>It's worth it, though it is tough: <a href="writingishell.html">Writing is Hell</a>.</p>
  58. <p id=g>October 01-03:</p>
  59. <p id=s>Oh man oh jeez what the bloody hell did I get into: <a href="bioshockinfinite.html">Bioshock Infinite Review</a>.</p>
  60. <p id=g>September 20-30:</p>
  61. <p id=s>Why reviewers are unqualified to review: <a href="reviewers.html">Review of Game Reviewers</a>.</p>
  62. <p id=g>September 19:</p>
  63. <p id=s>Venture forth into the -=VIRTUAL|PLAZA=-: <a href="janusvr.html">My Dinner with JanusVR</a>.</p>
  64. <p id=g>September 03-18:</p>
  65. <p id=s>Bojack Horseman episodic reviews: <a href="horseman/index.html">Horseman Review Archive</a>.</p>
  66. <p id=g>August 18-September 01:</p>
  67. <p id=s>The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya episodic reviews: <a href="haruhi/index.html">Haruhi Review Archive</a>.</p>
  68. <p id=g>August 13:</p>
  69. <p id=s>Why gaming is a bit shitty, and why it will get better: <a href="industryhistory.html">State of the Games - 2015</a>.</p>
  70. <p id=g>August 02:</p>
  71. <p id=s>Just like one of my animes: <a href="cthcc.html">The Cherry Tree High Duo Reviews</a>.
  72. <p id=g>June 13-14:</p>
  73. <p id=s>Watch my soul get sucked through a sippy straw: <a href="yanderesimreview.html">Yandere Sim Review</a>.</p>
  74. <p id=g>June 02-07:</p>
  75. <p id=s>Learn about Valves destruction of its own industry: <a href="valveshitware.html">The Industrial Steamworks</a>.</p>
  76. <p id=g><b>The Meta-Texts about the Froge:</b></p>
  77. <p id=g>November 16:</p>
  78. <p id=s>Welcome to the retrospective of the first six months: <a href="frogeball/2016-11.html">The First Quarterly Froge Ball</a>.</p>
  79. <p id=g>October 17:</p>
  80. <p id=s>Some short questions about a big blog: <a href="tenthousandupdates.html">The 10,000 Update Special</a>.</p>
  81. <p id=g><b>The Web Sec Offensive:</b></p>
  82. <p id=g>August 03-12:</p>
  83. <p id=s>Learn where to download that good good: <a href="scavenging.html">Scavenge from the Torrent Wasteland</a>.</p>
  84. <p id=g>June 24-30:</p>
  85. <p id=s>Learn how to be the Ghost in the Web: <a href="accountsec.html">OPSEC for Online Accounts</a>.</p>
  86. <p id=g>June 19-23:</p>
  87. <p id=s>Protect your hard drive from cops: <a href="veracrypt.html">Veracrypt and the Data Cowboys</a>.</p>
  88. <p id=g>June 15-18:</p>
  89. <p id=s>Talk about d a n k | m e m e s without the NSA snooping you: <a href="conversation.html">Secure Comms for the Cool Cunny</a>.</p>
  90. <p id=g>June 10-12:</p>
  91. <p id=s>Compress your audio properly: <a href="codeccodec.html">Audio Codecs for Deff Lads</a>.</p>
  92. <p id=g>June 08-09:</p>
  93. <p id=s>Use torrents without getting arrested: <a href="torrentcrashcourse.html">BitTorrent for Babbys</a>.</p>
  94. <p id=g>May 31-June 1:</p>
  95. <p id=s>Make a cooler desktop, be a cooler person: <a href="desktopscrub.html">Welcome to the Rice</a>.</p>
  96. <p id=g>May 30:</p>
  97. <p id=s>Stop the feds from snooping your mail: <a href="emailprivacy.html">The Great Guide to E-mail Clients</a>.</p>
  98. <p id=g>May 29:</p>
  99. <p id=s>Stop your computer from physical pwn: <a href="letsgetphysical.html">Welcome to the Heist</a>.</p>
  100. <p id=g>May 28:</p>
  101. <p id=s>Wipe your data CLEAN: <a href="minimalism.html">Deuce the Hard Disks</a>.</p>
  102. <p id=g>May 24-27:</p>
  103. <p id=s>Your passwords are crackable. Please change them: <a href="masterpassword.html">Master Password and the No Hack Band</a>.</p>
  104. <p id=g>May 21-23:</p>
  105. <p id=s>Learn why closed-source software is like gambling: <a href=trustnocompany.html>It's Because I'm Black, isn't it</a>?</p>
  106. <p id=g>May 20:</p>
  107. <p id=s>Don't get arrested for porn: <a href="illegalporn.html">Don't get Caught on that CP</a>.</p>
  108. <p id=s>Website size as of 2017-02-02: 2.7MB.</p>
  109. <p id=f>Today's page was updated on 2017-02-02 and created on 2016-05-20.</p>
  110. <p id=f>Copying is an act of love.</p>
  111. <p id=f>E-mail: ""</p>
  112. <p id=f></p>
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  120. <a href="">A proud retiree of the Degenerate project.</a>
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