Code for the now dead OwlBot (OwlBot#7046 on Discord), that was online from 2019-05-27 to 2020-01-20. Please press f for our dear bot ;-;7

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I Miss My Wife: A Look At OwlBot

OwlBot was a terrible idea from the mind of graphic artist and systems engineering student, Randy Asui, with assistance from local fucks; Cass Python, who can easily be compared to Marmite- as in too much of them is a bad thing, and also help from Heather of wastebin, the token woman who looks rather good in fishnet stockings, OwO and all of that. Despite all of the help Randy has gotten, he still insists on making this project closed source. Hmm. The copyright for it falls under the MIT License.

As the name suggests, OwlBot is a bot, the bot was made for use on Discord, currently the only server it is on is Lerowlia with no plans to add the bot to other servers or even bring it back online. To edit the bot, click on index.js, once you make an edit, make a note of it below.

If the bot is offline (this can happen time-to-time), click on this URL to turn it on again (this URL will do nothing).

Also, this page is written in markdown, if you don't know how that works, it's the same as Discord, but just to be safe, there is an HTML to markdown converter here.

Update Log (new to old)

2020-04-02: Please press f for our dear OwlBot, as they are finally kicked form the server. The source code for the bot has also been made public.

2020-01-20: OwlBot's last message is sent; the sweet words of "I shitted" are said at 01:44 UTC. - Owl

2019-10-12: Cult movies role ID was updated. - Leroy

2019-10-01: Added Newsletter Subscriber role commmands, for those who wants to get pinged on Announcements channels - Leroy

2019-09-29: Despacito - Leroy

2019-09-29: Python now owns the bot[?] -Owl

2019-09-28: Due to Randy's reluctance to make this project open source, I have decided that I am not happy to have any of my code used on this project. Clearly Randy has zero idea about how open source even works, saying such things as "if I put the bot open source, I could lose the right to own it" and thinking that making something open will "takes away the original meaning [of it]" - ironically, Randy has used open source to help make the bot, does that mean that the code he used has now lost its original meaning? I think not.

Until the bot is made open source, I do not wish to help with it, and I kindly request that non of my code is used on it.

I updated the bot's code so that non of the work or ideas are in the code anymore, you are more than welcome to use my code once the bot's code is made open. -Owl

2019-09-28: It's not all that much, but the other day I removed the two anonymous project members from here as the two accounts were just me not logged in. Also, I should work on updating the OwlBot website, plus seeing that there are now new pronoun roles, Neocities role, and movie night role, add a command like ">roles" that state that it is now a thing - Owl

2019-09-25: Added this page to keep a check of all of the changes to do with this project, as Randy suggested it a few days back - Owl

2019-09-23: I fixed and added to the platform all the features Owly planned to add now. I also added British English for "Light Gray (Light Grey), Blue Gray (Blue Grey) and Gray (Grey)" colors roles commands - Leroy

2019-09-23: Added a few more roles and commands; ">iam cult" is new, so is ">iam neocities", also messed around with the colours - Owl

2019-09-19: Added pronouns roles below the colors/colours roles - Leroy

2019-09-17: ">music" and ">fuck" were added. The first command will make the bot say "!p", but I'm uncertain that the command will get Rythm#3722 to play music in the VC. The seconds command, ">fuck" will get the bot to say "Yeah, I'm working, twat", this command was just made to see if the bot was updated with the first new command. The ">fuck" command can be removed whenever. - Owl

2019-09-15: Silly Owl, you posted the whole source code below all of this, so I fixed it, hope you get new glasses soon :P - Leroy

2019-09-15: I updated the ">help" command from "God, we all need help" to a link to the bot's Neocities' page, - Owl

2019-09-11: Thanks, Randy. I have also updated stuff for the rainbow role; when someone tries to use the command ">iam rainbow" then the bot will reply "This role isn't used any longer" - Owl

2019-09-11: Also, fixed all the mess Owly did with the code. Hey kids, remember this: Use the logical operator "||" if you want to include two or more possible options (aka OR) into a same "If" sentence! - Leroy

2019-09-11: Added British English to the colo[u]r parts, removed commands like ">yiff" as it was used in part with a bot that is no longer part of the server, also added this log part (((this text here))), so people can quickly see what's new/has changed - Owl

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