Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Category b1107a7dd1 v0.25 - formatiing clean-up 1 year ago
  Category d6180eb2af v0.24 - log more youtube-dl errors correctly 1 year ago
  Category 640045e9fe v0.23 - create trailer directory if it doesn't exist, to avoid copy errors 1 year ago
  Category 9f480606b9 v0.22 - detect current kodi database, minimal config now required 1 year ago
  Category 4025a27698 minor formatting fix 1 year ago
  Category 6221f5b34e v0.21 - cleaning up formating, bugfix for videoId's that start with special characters 1 year ago
  Category 2a59b2c5c3 bugfix for YT videoId's that start with a -/hyphen 1 year ago
  Category d6e1b466d1 fixed bug checking video title 1 year ago
  Category 3a3f2d8e5f quick fix to failure logging 1 year ago
  Category 0bbbc90ab0 v0.20 - fixed bug with temp cleanup 1 year ago
  Category d164c4c947 v0.19 - improved comments, and failure logging clarified and saved to disk 1 year ago
  Category f52f98d2ba v0.18 - more error handling, updated trailers from .avi to .mp4 extensions 1 year ago
  Category 5fefb7d9f1 v0.17 - provide https links to youtube-dl 1 year ago
  Category e1f10df402 v0.16 - added clean-up code for youtube-dl errors 1 year ago
  Category bc9cc24259 v0.15 - changed trailer naming scheme for better human readability 1 year ago
  Category 1acece2f71 fixed a typo, will check against more than just the Apollo 18 trialer now :-/ 1 year ago
  Category 71482e1ae0 v0.14 update 1 year ago
  Category bbb14643fd v0.13 3 years ago
  Category 62c4403d34 v0.13 - option to auto fix dependencies 3 years ago
  Category 3fbcc8ef55 v0.12 - script output repaired 3 years ago
  Category 1604d2b952 v0.12 - various tweaks to fix some neglect 3 years ago
  Category 59d5043ccf Version Bump 4 years ago
  Category 8c337cfd06 v0.10 - filename handling fixed this time, honest 5 years ago
  Category 1a27e63811 v0.9 - youtubedl filename handling corrected 5 years ago
  Category dd624ff5de v0.8 - another scraper fix 6 years ago
  Category c2b1687515 fixed download format, now filenames match again 6 years ago
  Category 93994900c3 YT broke my scraper 6 years ago
  Category d1225c3e0f updated base config for new version of Kodi database 6 years ago
  Category 11ec84a474 v0.5 - produce list of failed film at end of script - run alphabetically 6 years ago
  Category b3079ba7c9 v0.4 update 6 years ago