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  Hugo Locurcio 30e125bd6c Add LuaStudio 2 months ago
  Linwei b376ec98fc add kcp: a fast and reliable ARQ protocol (#17) 2 months ago
  Rokas G 117fdf4ba1 Updated MakeHuman URL (#16) 3 months ago
  Testman 44eab76b06 Add (#15) 1 year ago
  Jeremy Kahn e9fc8de10e Fix Beast URL (#14) 1 year ago
  Juliette Foucaut ae2c5146ad Adding several icons, a voxel editor, and programming libraries (#12) 1 year ago
  Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira bbc246a450 Adding LiquidFun 1 year ago
  Maël ARNAUD b07d01667a Adding LPC Spritesheet Character Generator 2 years ago
  Hugo Locurcio c8c023bb55 Set the ZenGL license to "zlib" rather than "Custom" 2 years ago
  Echedey López Romero 8883aa86ba Add ZenGL library 2 years ago
  Emanuele Petriglia 1ccb7e00bd Add two links and remove a dead link 2 years ago
  Hugo Locurcio dc3207c89e Fix links and formatting in the README 2 years ago
  Emanuele Petriglia 9de9ea460f Add raylib library 2 years ago
  Emanuele Petriglia 315833349d Remove dead links 2 years ago
  Hugo Locurcio b94d817618 Fix OpenClonk URL 2 years ago
  Hugo Locurcio b344a845df Add OpenClonk 2 years ago
  Jorge Maldonado Ventura 40bbc5d310 Updating URL of Hexoshi 2 years ago
  = bb782760a2 Adding Hexoshi 2 years ago
  Jorge 93b5258363 Adding SGE game engine 3 years ago
  Koz Ross 5f168227da Relicensing to CC-BY-SA-4.0 3 years ago
  Koz Ross d0cbece615 See 3 years ago
  Koz Ross 34e828dd28 Merging 3 years ago
  Koz Ross bdf45dec46 See 3 years ago
  Jorge 129e4b4dd5 Added Retux and corrected a little error from Bullet dodger 3 years ago
  Koz Ross 524d9e0406 Cleaned up a bit with MDL. 3 years ago
  Koz Ross b45dba9915 Fix #77 3 years ago
  Jorge 58e249241e Added Bullet dodger game 3 years ago
  Koz Ross 4f2c857c3f See 3 years ago
  Koz Ross ed8f31de08 Adding pygame_stuff 3 years ago
  Koz Ross 79911894d4 See 3 years ago