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Aicaya's dotfiles

Because a Unix-like desktop is always, without exception, in a state of eternal work-in-progress.





A POSIX and rofi-centric rewrite of passmenu, a dmenu wrapper for pass that comes with the Arch package. Has the same features as the original, plus the option to specify a custom rofi theme. Check the top section of the script itself for usage info.


Wallpaper setter that uses rofi and xwallpaper. Creates a list based on the contents of a specified folder so you only have to copy images there. Also checks subfolders and symlinks, and if the subfolder is named "tiled" then the wallpaper will also be tiled. Check the top section of the script for more details.


Checks if there are any new packages to update from either the Arch repos or the AUR. Requires auracle and pacman-contrib.

Used by itself, it's just a wrapper around both checkupdates and auracle sync that adds a bit of color to make the output more readable (though the color for the version numbers may be indistinguishable from the package name depending on the theme; on Gruvbox Dark it's a light grey, but on Nord it's the same color). However, it also has a systemd service/timer combo meant to be started as a user service; this lets the script use notifications every six hours to alert you of anything new (one for repo packages, one for AUR). It'll only list up to fifteen packages to keep the notification from scrolling off-screen, though (just use it on the terminal for the full list).

Basically, it's what I used kalu for. Since pacman 5.2 broke it, I decided to write my own solution to cover my needs and rely on Newsboat for any news from the front page.

NOTE: This thing is in bad need of a rewrite: The code was written while I was still learning how to write shell scripts, it makes way more API calls than is necessary and is overall an extremely-kludgy mess.

A tool for updating Neocities sites faster than with the ruby tool provided by the service. Supports file deletion, too, which makes it perfect for my static site generator. Requires both git and curl to work, as well as a little bit of setup (check the top of the script itself for more details).


I'm currently learning how to write AppArmor profiles from scratch since they're not provided by Arch. I'll add each profile here as I get them to a stable state. A bit of tweaking will be required, though, especially for paths: If the app gives an option between using XDG's .config and .local/share folders and using its own hidden folder in $HOME, the profile will always go for the XDG option (I like keeping my home folder as tidy as I can).

Other relevant info

Vim / Neovim

The vimrc assumes you have vim-plug installed (I never added the automatic installation bit), so if you use a different plugin manager then adjust accordingly. Also, if you're using urxvt, comment set termguicolors first; otherwise the colors won't work right.

NOTE: If you want to use the Esperanto keyboard toggle function (for easily typing diacritics—cx becomes ĉ, for example), either delete the setlocal spell bits or follow the instructions in this blog post to generate a dictionary for vim. You'll need to install both aspell and the Esperanto dictionary for it first, though.

Newsboat / Podboat

Podcast download layout:

|-- Feed A
|   |-- 2019-01-01 - episode 1.mp3
|   `-- 2019-01-08 - episode 2.mp3
`-- Feed B
    `-- 2019-01-15 - some title.ogg

Quality-of-life scripts:

  • nb-notify - neater desktop notifications
  • nb-play - play podcasts without relinquishing the terminal (in case ranger isn't available in the system)

Since I have ranger installed I can just use rifle for opening up whichever music player I have configured with it. Just had to add this section above the default audio section in rifle.conf:

# Audio with a GUI (custom)
mime ^audio|ogg$, has audacious, X, flag f = audacious "$@"
mime ^audio|ogg$, has mpv,       X, flag f = mpv --force-window=yes -- "$@"

That way, I can listen to podcasts with Audacious without the podboat area being filled with garbage text regarding gtk errors (or a graphical instance of mpv, if I'm using a system that doesn't have Audacious installed). I honestly doubt I'll ever have need of the nb-play script again, but I'll keep a backup here just in case.