..on free software, neuroscience, photography and some other things..

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About me

My other activities

I'm also the free software enthusiast:

I like: learning new things, techno (Basic Channel) and ambient (Biosphere), movies, vege ramen and wakame, Aikido (3. Kyū), sci-fi and cyberpunk (Stanisław Lem, Philip K. Dick, William Gibson), coffee, sour vodka, travels, anarchy and dogs (Irish Setter).

I dislike privacy invading companies, therefore I've replaced Google with DuckDuckGo, Twitter with Mastodon, Dropbox with Sync and avoid Facebook. Also, I also encourage you to start using Firefox with uBlock, uMatrix and NoScript plugins.

My setup

Research equipment

  • transcranial electric stimulator: DC-STIMULATOR PLUS (neuroCare, Germany)
  • transcranial magnetic stimulator: DuoMAG XT-100 (DEYMED Diagnostic, Czech Republic)
  • SimplEEG_42 (ELMIKO, Poland)
  • CANTAB Cognitive Research system (Cambridge Cognition, UK)
  • Lunar iDXA scanner (GE Healthcare, USA)
  • bioimpedance analyzer: Maltron BIOSCAN 920-2-S Body Fat Analyzer (Maltron, UK)


  • main workstation: AMD Threadripper 3960X, ASUS Prime TRX40-Pro, NVIDIA Quadro P2200, SSD: Samsung NVMe (/), HDDs: WD Black (~), WD Red Plus (backup), Eizo EV2456 display, Logitech peripherals; OS Debian GNU/Linux (testing)
  • laptop: MacBook Air
  • mobile: Fairphone 3+ running /e/


  • Xorg + i3 windows manager
  • Firefox
  • LibreOffice + Zotero (replaced Emacs and LaTeX)
  • Sublime Text (replaced Emacs, which replaced Neovim, which replace Vim, which replaced BBEdit..)
  • R (more and more)
  • Julia (more and more)
  • MATLAB (still in use for EEG signal analysis, but gradually replaced with Julia)
  • Stata (less and less)
  • Python (a little, mostly for MNE)
  • Gnuplot
  • GIMP (replaced Affinity Photo)
  • Inkscape (replaced Affinity Design)
  • RawTherapee (replaced CaptureOne), Hugin, Siril, Luminance HDR
  • Mandelbulber, JWildfire
  • Bitwig Studio


How you can reach me:

My public GPG/PGP key (fingerprint: 7326 DD49 A48D 1A8A BC3D B3B5 326F CC41 624E EDB7)

If you would like to support me, just paypal.me